The Serbian Literary-Philosophical Society "Philokalia"

34 Njegoseva Street, Belgrade, Serbia


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the Serbian Literary-Philosophical Society "Philokalia"

Non-profit organization
Founded in Belgrade in 2003
Address: 34 Njegoseva Street, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
Contact: +381 11 239 1600,

Meaning of the name of our Society – PHILOKALIA is LOVE OF BEAUTY
dissyllable of Greek origin)
Membership: Established authors of all generations in various fields of creativity (Philosophy, Literature, Fine and Applied Arts, Music, Drama, etc.)
Objectives: Creation, study, publication and establishment of literary -  philosophical works (as well as works from all other genres, and in all other medias: fine art, music, movie, drama) of Serbian and other authors inspired by love of beauty.
Activities: Organizing Counseling, Symposiums, Interviews, Promotions, Lectures, Discussions, Working and Research Projects, Publishing
literary and philosophical works (
as well as
works from all other genres, and in all other medias) of Serbian authors and others
according to the objectives of the Society.

Part of the regular activities is taking place
at the premises of “Institute for Research of
Cultural Development” in 4 Rige of Fere Street
in Belgrade.

Region of activity: Territory of Serbia and countries abroad
Cooperation: The Society is cooperating with other societies, organizations, foundations and state institutions of Serbia and other countries.  
Financing: contributions, donations, scholarships, gifts, lending copyrights and other non-profit ways

Bank accounts
dinars: 205-60080-74
Foreign currency: 5443-17490125
Tel/Fax: +381 11 239 1600